It has been vigorously engaged in research and development of cosmetic or makeup mirrors


Our materials are selected brass, relatively high-end, but also according to the different needs of customers, material selection.

AccessoriesMaterialImageCharacteristicTreatment ProcessEffect Presentation
Most integrated components such as connecting rods, frames, and protective sheetsBrassBrass has high strength and extremely good plasticity. It can withstand cold and hot pressure well, and its corrosion resistance is relatively strong. It is easy to weld and can maximize the life of the product (not easy to rust).PVC vacuum platingThe texture is natural, the style of luxury, the halo flow, the fascination, if there is nothing, it is pleasing to the eye.
MirrorGlassThe mirror surface is insulated by a modern sealing and isolating water vapor to prevent internal corrosion. With a double-sided design, it can be flipped 360 degrees. Front 1:1 high-definition imaging, multiple magnification on the reverse side, multiples are 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x (the magnification surface should be kept within 15cm)Silver plated mirrorNot easy to fog, fast fog, can be flipped 360 degrees
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