It has been vigorously engaged in research and development of cosmetic or makeup mirrors

Luyi makeup mirror, cosmetic mirrpr or beauty mirror is committed to professional beauty mirror research and development, production, sales, positioning high-end products, choose brass as the main material, 304 stainless steel as the auxiliary material, service European and American high-end market, domestic projects and first-line brand OEM. Is a senior hotel, club, brand home best partner.


The wall-mounted LED cosmetic mirror or wall mounted led makeup mirror can be customized with different functions such as dark mounting, bright insertion and charging according to users' needs. Its mirror bracket, connecting rod and base support rod can all be rotated greatly. After installing the wall, it can be stretched freely according to the user's position, which is convenient for use. Be worth mentioning is to make up lens base to have induction, touch or press the switch way that presses wait for different kind, touch namely bright. The built-in circle is about 25 LED lamp beads, the light is even and soft, anti-backlight, not easy to get hot, long service life, can let people in the case of insufficient light, normal makeup. The connection on each detail is natural, very exquisite, more can match its different color according to different environment. Interested friends can ask our company's salesman or check the catalog of products, learn more about different styles, different materials, different functions and different mirror multiples of the wall LED makeup mirror .

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